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Tacoma SCUBA

Service and Repair

All SCUBA gear is part of your underwater life support system.  It all needs to be periodically serviced and repaired.  We have the capability to service and repair all brands of equipment.  We can service air use through oxygen equipment.  If you don’t see a price for the service you need, give us a call.

Annual Visual Inspection $20.00 + Parts 

Hydrostatic Testing $28.50

Hydrostatic Test + Visual $38.50 + Parts

All cylinders serviced at our shop are Nitrox ready.  If a cylinder needs cleaning for Nitrox use, it probably needs cleaning for breathing air use as well.  At Tacoma SCUBA we  clean every cylinder as if we were going to use it.


Entire unit $40.00 + Parts

Inflator only $20.00 + Parts


The BCD is usually the most neglected piece of dive gear.  We’ve seen BCDs in terrible repair, the worst one was held together with Aqua Seal and Rescue Tape.  Since most divers can not swim their entire SCUBA system up from the bottom, BCDs should be checked and serviced yearly.

First or second stage $25.00 + Parts

(There may be additional charges for cleaning especially grungy equipment) Most new regulators come Nitrox ready. Just hook it up and dive.  When it comes to Nitrox service, our philosophy is similar to our cylinder servicing.  Most regulators serviced by Tacoma SCUBA are ready for Nitrox service.  There are a few exceptions, usually when special Nitrox compatible parts are necessary.  Labor costs are the same as for air service, parts might be different.


First or second stage $25.00 + Parts


Just about every regulator can be serviced.  Sometimes though it is more economical to buy a new one instead of servicing regulators no longer in production.  We can service any brand you may desire.  All work done by certified service technicians.

Cylinders (Air Use)

Regulators (Nitrox or Oxygen Service)

BCD (Yearly Inspection and Service)

Regulators (Regular Service)