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SDI/TDI is a SCUBA training agency with a no nonsense attitude.† They have the oldest technical SCUBA training program and are the only agency with a solo diver certification.



Related Links

Here is a listing of our favorite sites.† Some of these are for SCUBA related stuff, and some of them are not.


NAUI is one of the oldest SCUBA certification agencies.† They have classes that will cover almost any wild dream you may have.


PADI is another of the fine SCUBA training agencies.† Check out their website and let us know if you find anything you canít like without

West Coast Tides

Tide and Current predictor hosted by the University of South Carolina.† You can find info for locations from Blaine WA, to Point Loma CA.† There are also links for other worldwide locations.

DAN Divers Alert Network

The Divers Alert Network is the primer diving medical information source.† These guys offer information and accident insurance.† We recommend everyone signs up to be a DAN member.

X-Ray Magazine

This is a cool online SCUBA magazine.† It is a fresh break from the same old magazines you find at the news stand.† It is quite a bit more global in itís coverage.† Best of all it is also free.

North West Dive Charters

Because everybody needs a favorite dive boat.† Bill and his team provide great service to some of the best sites in the Puget Sound Region, including the Straights of Juan De Fuca in season.

Ocean Quest Dive Charters

George and Andrea do a fantastic job. Their† boat leaves out of Des Moines, and itís ďBanana FriendlyĒ

1602 Center St Suite C, Tacoma WA 98409† Phone (253) 238-1754† Fax (253) 238-6566


The American Health and Safety Institute is who all First Aid/ CPR/ and Oxygen certifications get taught through.

Optical Ocean Sales

Optical Ocean Sales is your best bet for underwater photography equipment.† Jack carries Olympus, Fantasea, Sea and Sea, Fuji, and more.† He also has a great blog on photography.



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