From Recreational To Technical

Tacoma SCUBA


Welcome to the staff page.  Below you will find all the information the staff wants you to know.  We would much prefer you come down to the shop, drink coffee and get the stories straight from the source.  If you make us write them down it is much harder to exaggerate., besides once it is in writing it gets rid of our deniability. In no particular order…. (notice Kalen is first… hint hint)

Shane Izzard

Shane is our top Divemaster.  He helps with almost all the classes and is the best guy to talk to, if you are interested in doing a bit more diving under the supervision of a professional.

Joshua Hill

Joshua holds all the extra titles.  Bathroom scrubber, floor sweeper, scapegoat, whatever…  However he can usually concentrate on diving just long enough to answer a question.

Wolf Eel

Day Island, Tacoma

Photo by:

Craig West

Michael Kleinfelder

Mike is going to be really embarrassed if I brag about him in this little space… Sooo, feel free to call us and we’ll brag about him over the phone.

Randy Williams

Randy is the Jedi Master on all things diving related.  A former Commercial diver, and Coast Guard Chief, Randy is now Tacoma SCUBA’s Technical diving instructor.

Kalen Hill

Kalen seems to be the person in charge of everything. Not too sure how that happened but it did. Lately she has been taking care of the website, advertising, merchandising, design management, cleaning, and putting up with Joshua.

Tom is one of the two instructors we picked up “elsewhere”.  He’s a PADI and SDI instructor.  For some inexplicable reason Tom seems to keep escaping to Mexico.  Maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t.

Sean is the other instructor we picked up “elsewhere”  Sean is also a PADI and SDI instructor, as well as some sort of mad pharmaceutical developer guy.  (I think he’s working on the gill transplant anti-rejection drug)

Sean Christian

Tom Carlson

Peter Schneider

Peter used to be our token Swiss instructor, but now he’s just another American with Swiss heritage.  He’s still a great instructor for both PADI and SDI.